Seattle Roof & Gutter Cleaning Pros

seattle roof and gutter cleaning

Home maintenance is an essential part of home ownership, but many homeowners are reluctant to take on gutter and roof cleaning. These chores require climbing a ladder which can be tricky, especially if the home has a second or third story.

Fortunately, there is a way to get dangerous off-the-ground jobs done safely by calling the roof and gutter cleaning pros. These hard working professionals have the equipment needed to work on the upper levels of a home, and they also have been trained in proper safety procedures.

Anyone who has taken on the task of cleaning the gutters on their home knows how messy and difficult it can be. Exposed gutters collect fallen leaves, grit that has loosened from the roof shingles and small twigs combined with dirt and whatever else washes down off the roof. Any debris that does not get flushed out by rainwater eventually decays and turns into a stinking mess. This disgusting and often dangerous job is reason enough to call the roof and gutter cleaning pros.

After a season or two of cleaning their own gutters, many homeowners make the decision to install gutter covers. Depending on the design, some of these covers work well and others do not. Sometimes the covers only complicate the situation since they need to be removed so the debris that gets past them can be cleaned out.

Roof maintenance is much simpler than gutter cleaning since most damage can be seen from the ground. In the event of severe weather, some shingles may loosen, but the roof and gutter cleaning pros can inspect the damage and recommend how it should be repaired. Some homeowners are well able to work on their own roof and gutters, but most prefer to keep both feet on the ground.